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No Nonsense Nutrition's podcast

Sep 27, 2020

This week Jonny takes over as host, to chat to Briz about on/off mentalities

How this affects training, how it affects eating behaviours, and overall progress

A few tangents but lots of value ;-)


Sep 20, 2020

This week Jonny and Brizzle go through some listener questions;

Will you lose muscle dieting?

How can you manage Calories to lose weight and build muscle?

How many times should you train a muscle group?

How to keep up motivation?


Sep 12, 2020

What else could we possibly talk about this week other than GymShark?

Jonny and Brett talk about their u-turn to a more 'all-inclusive' brand (or not)


Sep 6, 2020

This week Brizzle is joined by the man, the legend himself, Gordon Greenhorn

They talk about the intricacies of rapid fat loss diets, how to set them up, potential negative effects, and things to consider

They also find out what Gordon's favourite burger joint is and what food he would like to build a house from


Sep 1, 2020

Sorry for the delay, scheduling issue meant we were a day late...

But it was worth the wait!

Jonny and Brett catch up about Brett's dieting success, and move onto the government strategy for tackling obesity to help the covid-19 response

I hate to say this but... the science says different.

Lots of rants and rambles,...