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No Nonsense Nutrition's podcast

Aug 23, 2020

This week Jonny and Brett catch up about their biggest regrets....

In the gym and with their nutrition

Brett talks about why he never got any of the unicorn newbie gainz, and Jonny touches on why even though he regrets it, training like a moron made him what he is today! :-)

Hope it resonates with some people


Aug 17, 2020

This week Brett and Jonny welcome back Steve Kemp to the show

Steve is a Certified Sports Nutritionist, formally a drummer for a well known band, and all round science geek helping transform their bodies and lives with nutrition

He came on the show to talk about why intuitive eating might not help people wanting to lose...

Aug 9, 2020

This week Brizzle Monster has his long time friend, and friend of the show, Mr MuscleFood himself Dan Mac Fitness join him to discuss the increase in online coaches due to lockdown

He touches on his role within OFB, how he is helping coaches improve their practices with clients and focus on value and service

One for...

Aug 3, 2020

This week Jonny and Brett had a chat about sports for cardio and supplements for hypertrophy and performance.

They talk about why you might decide to do specific sports to help weight loss, from football to MMA.

They also go through the types and ingredients of your peri-workout supplements, from pre, intra and post...