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No Nonsense Nutrition's podcast

Mar 30, 2020

This week Matt, Ed and Brizzle talk about how you can get the most out of training, and if you should even have a concern about not being able to.


Mar 23, 2020

Guess who's back!

This week Brizzle is joined by the return of one Matthew Morgan... They talk about the only thing they could, COVID-19 and enforced isolation, social distancing, and how this might affect mental health.

They discuss personal anecdotes as to how people might be able to reduce some of the stress of...

Mar 16, 2020

Ed and Brizzle discuss thin blurry lines this week... Sounds like a Robin Thicke choon but no, alas they're talking about how healthy endeavors can soon become unhealthy...

They go over the context and some examples of where this might happen.


Mar 9, 2020

This week Brett is joined by Ed AND Jonny, to talk about their holiday habits, Ed's new puppy, Jonny's extreme dieting, and they finally get round to chatting about the Natural mistake many make...

An appeal to nature... Logical fallacy or just logical?

Have a listen!


Mar 2, 2020

Two friends of the NNN family join Brizzle for this week's episode...

Rabin Das and Richie Kirwan aka two nights of the round table joined to chat about the role of ultra processing on food and consumption, as well as the role of being a 'leader' in the fitness industry

It's a long one, but enjoyable!