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No Nonsense Nutrition's podcast

Nov 25, 2019

Co-host Edward Shredded Whittaker is back with Host Brett to talk about Fasting again...

They talk about the different types of IF, Time Restricted Feeding, what are the benefits for weight loss, is there any evidence for better health, as well as how you might implement it

Good Product Bad Product return again


Nov 18, 2019

This week Brett and Jonny talk through how they might program for someone wanting to build muscle.

From how often to train, to what type of training, and some of the evidence of set and rep schemes, as well as some guidance on exercise selection and more!

It's a long one (that's what she said) but it's worth it...


Nov 11, 2019

This week Fran is back on the show, to talk all things about building muscle (she is the most jacked of the coaches tbf).

From training considerations, when it might be a good idea to start 'massing' or 'bulking', to how many Calories should you eat and the amount of protein you need, as well as much more!


Nov 3, 2019

This week Brett is joined by Special temporary guest co-host, and friend of the family Dan Mac Fitness Smith

Lots of chat, tangents, and some talk about the obesity epidemic, and some thoughts about how the government might act to tackle it.