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No Nonsense Nutrition's podcast

Apr 29, 2018

We are post photoshoot so the lads discuss firstly their meet up together and what happened at the photoshoot.
Then they go into meal plans, what the actually are and whether you should have one.
They look at a few studies to see if the science backs their views.
Finally they discuss who would benefit form one and how...

Apr 22, 2018

This week we are joined by Pippa who last year had a double lung transplant. This has left her with a suppressed immune system which limits what she can eat. Those who are pregnant, are going through chemotherapy and have CF all have face a similar battle. Pippa explains about her journey and struggles and tells us...

Apr 15, 2018

This week we revisit the devil. Sugar. After the recent implementation of sugar tax we discuss it. Will it help? Will it achieve anything? It's always a tough topic to cover but we give a rounded view which leads us onto sugar addiction. Can you actually be addicted to sugar? Or is it all in your head? 

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Apr 8, 2018

This week Scott Roberts, a Manchester based PT and online coach joins us to chat 12 week programs.. 

He discusses how his 12 week photoshoot package works for his clients and his unique way he went about getting into shape for it. 

He also mentions the pros/cons of these methods and how it all worked out for him. 


Apr 1, 2018

This week the lads discuss circadian rhythm with special guest Nutritional Medicine MSc and strong mother trucker Alan Flanagan. They discus what it is, how it effects our health, how do we utilise them, how light effects us and if our nutrition can effect it.
Find him on Insta @thenutritional_advocate
And find out lads...