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No Nonsense Nutrition's podcast

Dec 31, 2018

The final episode of 2018 with Coaches Brett, Paul and Ed

This week they reflect on their most prominent moments and learns of 2018

From personal experiences to clients, plus a few rambles of course

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all

Dec 24, 2018

This week Coaches Jonny and Brizzle rant about other 'Fitness Professionals', specifically what they're telling others to do over Christmas

They discuss both ends of the spectrum, from those treating Christmas like it's some kind of war to grind through, to those essentially encouraging people to treat it like an all...

Dec 17, 2018

This week coach Paul and coach Brizzle talk time out to talk to James Fell, an internationally syndicated fitness columnist

They talk about James' upcoming book release, The Holy Sh*t Moment and how many have struggled to change something about their life, but been unsuccessful

That the slow and steady tortoise is the...

Dec 10, 2018

This week Coach Brett is joined by the strongest member of NNN, yes, Coach Fran!

They talk about Exercise selection for training and hypertrophy, rest periods for weight training, and does lifting tempo even matter?

A great round up following the previous two weeks of training chat!

Dec 3, 2018

This week it's the Bred show again talking more about the importance of training considerations

They talk;



Volume, intensity and frequency, as well as progression models that can be used.

If you haven't already, go back and listen to last week's episode on the mechanisms for muscle growth...