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No Nonsense Nutrition's podcast

Dec 31, 2017

We look over our favourite moments of the first season. 6 months down we've had some great guests, fantastic points made and sooooo many myths busted. What will season 2 and 2018 hold?

Dec 27, 2017

Brett is joined by Shane J Nugent MSc who goes through how to set effective goals that will help you reach your targets come the New Year. This is a really must listen if you want to achieve your New Years resolutions in January.
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Dec 17, 2017

What matters more, the quality of your food or the quantity of your food? The boys discuss the pros and cons of eating 'healthy' and 'clean' foods compared to just eating to fulfil your calorie needs. Whats more important in terms of weight loss and health?
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Dec 11, 2017

We look at all things CrossFit this episode. From it's excellent social atmosphere and it's promotion of healthy eating right through to the dogma that the coaches handbook spouts. Jonny is a great and athlete and excellent coach which makes this a really good and interesting listen.
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Dec 4, 2017

Worried about Christmas, thinking it will set you back and undo all your hard work?
Well this episode will hopefully help you out with some simple advice, tips and tricks to keep you on track.