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No Nonsense Nutrition's podcast

Oct 25, 2021

This week Jonny and Briz are back from a well earned break, to answer your questions.

Tips for massing
What macros you should focus on
Can you gain weight if you drink more
Toning up & more


Oct 10, 2021

This week J Dog and Brizzle give another BJJ update no one asked for ;-) It's only short I promise :-D

Why do we accept structured training programs but look down on rigid meal plans?

Listen and find out!


Oct 3, 2021

This week Jonny and Briz talk about...

Fasting for weight loss
Are you a breakfast eater?
Breakfast for performance
Meal frequency and hunger

And what a diet after the diet looks like


Sep 26, 2021

Jonny and Brizzle get together this week to talk about Bariatric surgery and whether it is a viable option for weight loss for clinically obese people

Is it the lazy approach? Or is it the most successful intervention for treatment of obesity and T2DM?

You decide! Well, you don't really, but it is a...

Sep 19, 2021

This week Jonny and Briz chat about...

- Homesapiens
- Simulation theory
- Normal vs common eating
- and something about nutrition lol

A promise it is a good listen ;-)